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Data Analytics/Visualizations

Pull critical information out of even the most imposing heaps of data.

Shiny Applications

Use the power and flexibility of R to improve your analysis capability (and wow your clients).


Send your data into the world with Google Maps, Leaflet, and ArcGIS.


What Keeps Me Busy?

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Build Web Apps in R with Shiny

Video Tutorial Course

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BayesDB Research Engineer

MIT Probabilistic Computing Project

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Gallery of Shiny apps

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Triangle Julia Users Group

New language, let's go.

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Shiny Clean

Clean your data, no coding!

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Google Maps API, knockout.js

What Clients Say

About Working With Me

  • Client Review

    Dynamic Graphical Data Exploration Shiny App

    We were under a tight deadline, and Mason was outstanding in providing timely support and quick responsiveness.

    Not only did we meet the deadline, but the work he provided was fantastic.

  • Client Review

    Time Series Modeling/Forecasting Shiny Application

    I contacted Mason to help me with a problem I could not solve by myself for R. Mason immediately understood my problem from a programming and business perspective.

    He produced a result for me that was exactly what I wanted, and even added a few features I hadn’t even though of. It was done in an extremely efficient manner, and the cost was fantastic for such a useful piece of software.

    I highly recommend Mason for his professionalism and service.

  • Client Review

    Social Media Dashboard Shiny Application

    Mason created a social media data visualization and analytics application using R, Shiny, and other web technologies. He helped me improve upon my initial idea, translated my vision into an easily comprehensible scope of work, and then delivered the software in a timely and cost-effective manner.

    Mason also communicates extremely clearly and effectively so that project management is a breeze when working with him. I can't wait to work with Mason on future development projects.

  • Client Review

    Energy Prediction Shiny Application

    Mason worked carefully and skillfully to produce a functional interactive tool that enables users to annotate time-ordered charts of actual and predicted energy use.

    He developed automatic data exchanges with different data sources to drive the application, accessing daily energy use records and weather data...using Amazon Web Services to set up and host the application.

    Mason created a plausible budget giving me estimates that were reasonable and accurate. He has been easy to work with and responsive. I recommend him without reservation.

  • Course Review

    Build Web Apps in R with Shiny

    After this course, I feel much more confident building my own apps. Additionally, the portions of the course on how to put your apps on a server were spot on!

    Mason is a knowledgeable and involved instructor who has helped me navigate the sometimes-daunting labyrinth that is R and Shiny.

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